Creating a Sustainable Future through Global Learning

2023 EF Virtual Global Education Symposium

A series of virtual sessions offered over four days
October 25-26 and November 1-2

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Learn from thought leaders in global education & earn professional learning hours

This fall, join U.S. and Canadian educational leaders from the secondary and post-secondary spaces to (virtually!) engage with experts in the fields of sustainability and global competence. Discover how global-based learning encourages students to preserve our planet, protect our people, and promote peace, preparing them to become engaged global citizens.

Four unique virtual sessions will be offered over the course of four days in the late afternoon/evening. Keep an eye on your inbox for calendar invites to select your sessions as the event gets closer.

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Experience the EF Virtual Global Education Symposium

And earn professional learning hours while doing it

Engage with thought leaders

Hear from experts in the fields of global competence and sustainability and participate in interactive discussions.

Network across secondary & post-secondary education

Expand your professional network as you exchange ideas and collaborate with globally minded educators.

Create an action plan

Determine next steps for bringing your experience back to your learning community.

Meet our keynote speaker

William Gaudelli, Ed.D. is the Dean of the College of Education at Lehigh University. With a career spanning 30 years as a classroom teacher, researcher, professor, and seasoned administrator, he is a prominent international scholar with research areas focusing on global citizenship education and teacher education and development. He has published over 85 scholarly pieces and four books, the most recent entitled Pedagogy of the Global Event.

Hear from Dr. Gaudelli

Program details

Keep an eye on your inbox for calendar invites to select your sessions as the event gets closer

Wednesday, October 25th 

(Offered twice: 4:30–5:30pm and 7:00–8:00pm EST)

Keynote: William Gaudelli, Ed.D. – Dean of the College of Education, Lehigh University

Global Citizenship Education at a Turning Point

As the world encounters new challenges—waning globalization, rising autocracy, climate change, AI, and economic distress—the time for educational change is now. What is that change? And how will it take shape in schools, communities, and for students? This talk focuses on the future of teaching and learning in light of the global problems we confront.

Thursday, October 26th 

(Offered twice: 4:30–5:30pm and 7:00–8:00pm EST)

Panel discussion: Dr. Carrie Olson – Denver Public Schools Board of Education / University of Denver; Karina Marquez Gandara – Former student traveler

Equitable and Sustainable Student Travel Programs: Using Data and Stories to Increase Access

This session will focus on research in educational travel and why travel is important in our post-pandemic world. Join an educational travel researcher and a former student traveler who will discuss how to build partnerships and incorporate equitable practices in educational travel.

Wednesday, November 1st 

(Offered twice: 4:30–5:30pm and 7:00–8:00pm EST)

Live performance: The Anne Frank Center

Letters from Anne and Martin: One play. Two voices. A boundless hope for humanity.

As we consider the importance of promoting peace and protecting people as part of a sustainable future, we invite you to experience Letters from Anne and Martin, a dramatic presentation drawn from the writings of Anne Frank and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. This unique adaptation combines their iconic words and examines their parallel experiences living in the shadow of hatred and prejudice in different decades, on different sides of the globe, but within the same generation….

Thursday, November 2nd 

(Offered twice: 4:30–5:30pm and 7:00–8:00pm EST)

Workshop: The Nobel Prize Museum

Creating a Learning Environment for a Sustainable Future

One aspect that distinguishes humans from other animals is our ability to create images of our future. We can imagine a better world for ourselves and generations to come, but how do we know what “better” is? How can we work with learners to create a common vision for a good future, a future that we want to take part in and play a role in forming? In this session, you will hear inspiring stories about the connection between the work of Nobel Laureates and the imagination of a better world. You will explore the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) sharing reflections and insights that will provide a framework for use in your learning community.

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