Wish the new school year came with a magic formula? Now it does.

Back-to-school time is so exciting! It’s also incredibly demanding. And because we know you don’t have a moment to think about your own needs, we decided to do it for you. We transformed our office into a makeshift lab, and set out to create the world’s first elixirs that will give you the perfect back-to-school experience. Just tell us how you’re feeling.

(Our legal team made us say this)

Okay, you got us. We’re not expert scientists. We’re experts in educational travel—and from now on, we’ll stick to what we know.

The truth is, we partner with educators every day, and we know you don’t need a magical solve for the new school year. You’re the experts. You’ve got this. And once the school year gets going and you’re ready to take your students on an educational tour (North American or International, your choice!) we promise to make the moments truly magical.

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