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Need a little new year magic?

Let’s be candid: Returning to school after the holidays can be hard. Hopefully you had time to relax, but now, it’s back to putting your own needs second (or twenty-second). That’s where EF comes in. We transformed our office into a makeshift lab and created the world’s first elixirs to give you the best back-to-school experience ever.

Just tell us how you’re feeling:

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(Our legal team made us say this)

Okay, you got us. We’re not expert scientists. We’re experts in educational travel—and from now on, we’ll stick to what we know.

The truth is, we partner with educators every day, and we know you don’t need a magical solve for going back to school. You’re the expert. You’ve got this. And if you decide this is the year to take your students on an educational tour, we promise to make those moments truly magical.

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