Win a $20,000 freetripship for your class

Win a $20,000 freetripship for your class

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There aren’t enough words for what travel can give your students

So, we made some up to better explain the impact. Enter to win a $20,000 freetripship, and you could score an educational tour anywhere EF travels. The best part? You and your students will also experience:

fullyup [fu̇l-yəp] adj., n. The state of being stuffed full of new experiences and zero regrets; or, the feeling that follows a double order of paella.

knowhowdy [nō-hau̇-dē] adj., n. Being open and eager to learn; a condition commonly sparked through travel.

tourships [tu̇r-ʃips] n. The unbreakable bonds that can only be forged through plenty of shared bus rides, “aha!” moments, and scoops of gelato.

Even if you don’t win the freetripship, these newly defined experiences are included on every EF tour. Plus, teachers travel free and students always get the lowest price, guaranteed.

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Win a $20,000 freetripship for your class

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