Official terms and conditions

The referred group leader must enroll on an international EF Tour for Girl Scouts. The referred group leader will be granted one, $200 credit to use toward his or her tour. The credit can be divided and/or applied and transferred to other accounts on the same tour. Only one referral reward will be awarded per tour. The referred group leader must not have led a prior EF tour as a group leader or been in previous contact with EF. The referring group leader will receive a $200 scholarship for his or her troop. EF will notify referring group leaders that they have qualified 60 days past the date that the referred group leader enrolled. The referring group leader’s account must be current in order for EF to release the $200 troop scholarship. EF will send a check through EF’s finance department for the troop scholarship. The group leader’s social security number must be on file for tax purposes in order to receive a check. Referral bonuses are valid for EF Tours for Girl Scouts only. To qualify for the reward, referral must travel within two years of referral entry date. Referral bonuses are not retroactive. Referral reward must be claimed within 90 days of the reward date or the offer will be null and void. Terms and conditions are subject to change.