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How students can get ahead using their tour

High School Credit

By successfully completing coursework using weShare —EF's digital learning space—students can earn 0.5 elective credits. 

College Credit

Through EF’s partnership with Southern New Hampshire University, students in grades 9-12 can earn 3.0 undergraduate college credits by successfully completing the course.

College Essay Inspiration

EF provides a series of guided prompts and exercises that helps students think more deeply about their tour so they can use their experience as inspiration for a college essay that will stand out to any college admissions officer. 

College Essay Advisor

EF offers travelers an exclusive discount on the College Essay Program from Write the World, a global organization that helps young people become better writers.

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Discover the impact of travel on students

Here's what 1,432 U.S. teachers had to say about the social impact of travel on students in response to a study conducted by StudentMarketing for the Student & Youth Travel Association:

  • 60% increased their willingness to know, learn and explore
  • 60% desired to travel more
  • 56% increased their independence, self-esteem and confidence
  • 55% were more intellectually curious
  • 52% increased their tolerance of other cultures and ethnicities

Every year, we team up with educators and parents to help over 1 million students experience our educational travel programs from Barcelona to Shanghai—transforming the way they look at themselves and the world. When travelers return home, the souvenirs they bring back are the skills and attitudes they need for their next steps—in school, their careers, and the world beyond.

Even if you don't win a free educational tour, we can still make your dream trip a reality. Your spot is free when you enroll at least six students, and they all travel at the guaranteed lowest price.

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EF is the world leader in international education

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EF is accredited, just like your child's school. That means students can earn academic credit by completing coursework before, during and after their tour.

Our educational philosophy is simple: the best way to help students gain new perspectives and build skills for the future is through experiential learning. We create programs that blend classroom and experiential learning together. This allows us to meet the same rigorous standards of schools like your child's and ensure students gain valuable experiences that will transform the way they look at the world.

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Let's bring your lessons to life

At EF, we've spent over 50 years witnessing the power of educational travel, so we know how it can impact your classroom. That's why we design itineraries that complement your curriculum and empower students to make real-world connections to what you teach. Choose from 250+ options to find the tour that will take your lesson plans to the next level.

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Global presence


With a team of more than 46,500 EF staff, educators, and Tour Directors around the globe, we have a presence in nearly every destination we travel to—ready to support you wherever and whenever you need us.

Full-time tour director


From the moment the group clears customs to the time they set off for home, a Tour Director is with your group all day, every day, and trained to assist with any on-tour emergencies. They’ll also have a direct line to EF offices both locally and globally for added support.

Dedicated emergency support


You can always be in touch with EF staff with our 24/7 emergency support. Our offices, and people, are ready for any situation at any time.

Transformation awaits

EF is your partner in educational travel

“The important change, I think, is the change we find in the students. We send our children off on this incredible opportunity and they come back changed, more worldly.”

– Lynn L., TX (Group Leader)




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