Sign our Booking Conditions to finalize your enrollment

To finalize enrollment on your trip, all travelers—both EF Group Leaders and guests—need to review and sign our Booking Conditions. Many Group Leaders will have already signed them immediately upon enrolling via our website. Guests will receive a separate email message prompting them to sign a few days after they enroll for their trip.

If you didn’t sign our Booking Conditions when you enrolled, check your inbox! We’ll send two reminder emails (one a week after you enroll and a reminder one month after you enroll).

You can also read and sign them here.

Double-check your enrollment information

Soon after you enroll (or are added to the waitlist), you’ll receive a confirmation email. Make sure that all the information we sent in this email is correct, including:

  • Your name (make sure it matches the one on your passport—letter for letter, including punctuation and spacing!)
  • The name of the tour you enrolled on (or are waitlisted for)
  • The city you’ll depart from
  • Your departure date
  • Whether or not you signed up for our Global Travel Protection Plan

If any of the information is incorrect, please contact our Loyalty team ASAP at 800-782-2076 or

Change your room type or make a roommate request

All hotels that work with EF are required to meet rigorous standards. Rest easy (literally), because you can count on safe, clean, and comfortable rooms with private baths.

We’ll place you in a Twin room with another traveler of the same sex. But if you are going with a guest or know a fellow colleague on tour, we’re happy to put you in the same room. You can submit a roommate request, upgrade to a Single room at an additional cost, or request a Double room at no extra charge.

The deadline to change your room type or request a roommate is 110 days before you go. If you would like to do so, please contact us at 800-782-2076 or

Room types:

  • Twin rooms: Two single beds
  • Single rooms: One single bed
  • Double rooms: One double bed

Review the information on your passport or apply for one now

Please review our passport and visa guidelines and ensure you’ve checked your passport information at least 110 days before you go.

For more information, please visit the U.S. government passport website or call us at 800-782-2076.

Make sure your balance is paid

Tour payments are not applicable to all travelers, as many Group Leaders use their Global Rewards Points towards traveling on these just-for-you adventures. If you do need to pay an outstanding balance (or want to find out if you have one), please call our Traveler Support team at 800-665-5364. Your final tour payment is due 45 days before your trip.

Check your inbox! If you have a remaining balance, we’ll send account balance updates at both 90 and 60 days before you go.

Get connected with your EF Bus Manager

Your Bus Manager, who’s an EF staff member, is so excited to meet you! They’ll be your guide and primary point of contact throughout your entire trip, from picking you up at the airport to making sure you get on your flight home. At roughly one month before your trip, your Bus Manager will reach out with an introduction and to share specific arrival day details and itinerary information. You’ll also get a sneak peek of who’s joining you on tour, as you’ll have the option to join a Facebook group to meet your fellow travelers.

Pack your bags

Don’t worry, we’ve already thought of all the things for you. Just dust off your suitcase and reference our packing list. (Oh, and pack light!)

It also doesn’t hurt to check out airline-specific travel requirements as you pack.

Receive your flight information

We’ll send you your flight itinerary around 21 days before your trip. You’ll have an electronic ticket (e-ticket), so you only need to bring your passport to the airport for check-in. Plan to arrive three hours before your flight, and please note that any flight change requests made within the last 45 days before you go may lead to an additional charge.

If you have any special in-flight meal requests, call the airline directly at least one week before your trip. (It also doesn’t hurt to confirm your request at flight check-in.)

If you’re flying internationally, you’ll likely have at least one connection either in the U.S. or abroad. Once you land in your final destination, you’ll pass through immigration and customs (yay to new passport stamps!) and greet your Tour Director and Bus Manager in baggage claim. Then you’ll hit the ground running on a trip of a lifetime!

As you’re packing, consider airline-specific travel requirements.

Explore the option to earn professional learning credit

EF is accredited, just like your school! That means you can potentially earn professional development credit on your trip. While credit hours vary by tour and are not available for all destinations, please reach out to to see if your upcoming trip applies.

In case you need to cancel your trip

No longer able to travel? We understand that things come up and plans have to change. We’re happy to explore all the options available to you, as we don’t want you to miss out on this exclusive opportunity. Please contact our Loyalty team at 800-782-2076 or and we will accommodate you in any way we can.

In case of emergency

Remember that sometimes travel isn’t always textbook. If you experience any flight delays or cancellations, just take a deep breath and follow these steps:

  1. Work with the airline directly to change flights. (You’ve got this!)
  2. Finalize your itinerary with the airline by confirming updated flight numbers as well as departure and arrival times.
  3. Call EF’s 24-hour support team to inform us of the changes (so we can make sure someone’s there to greet you at the airport upon arrival!). If you’re within the U.S., call 800-637-8222 and follow the prompts for an emergency. If you’re abroad, call 001-617-619-2913. Keep in mind that the exit code (001) may vary depending on the country you’re visiting. Check out our emergency contact information page before your tour to find the number relevant to your destination.