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Engage your classroom and commemorate D-Day with free lesson plans and a classroom poster

The lifelong road your students travel on often begins in the classroom, but it doesn’t end there. Let the stories of World War II jump off the page as you travel to the heart of the epic battle fought on D-Day and follow the footsteps of Canada’s brave regiments. Show your students what textbooks can’t – climb the stairs to Anne Frank’s attic and tour a former concentration camp.

Take part in the 70th Anniversary D-Day commemoration ceremonies alongside fellow Canadians and locals. You can start the conversation in class thanks to our free World War II lesson guide. By inviting your students to get up close and personal with world history, you’ll galvanize their understanding of our past and the sacrifices made to create the world today.

Many of the profound themes encompassed in these tours and events are introduced in your free Canadian history educational resource package, which includes cross-curricular activities to encourage critical thinking about Canada’s participation in the World Wars such as:

  • A multi-media research project centered around WWI and Remembrance Day
  • A take-home assignment designed to help students empathize with those involved in the D-Day landings
  •  An engaging project that will allow students to explore the battles of WWII through both research and artistic expression
  • A D-Day poster for your classroom

Simply fill out your information and select we'll send you a package that suits your history curriculum.