How it works

When an educator in your community decides to lead a student tour, they reach out to EF for help. Together we plan every detail of the travel experience so all you need to do is sign your child up. (Seriously, we’ll be there to guide you through everything that comes next.) Download our printable Parent Guide to get a better sense of how we partner with teachers and families to show students the world.

Safe and supported

We know your child’s safety is a non-negotiable. EF would never send a traveler to a location we believe to be unsafe—and with our extensive global presence, our best-in-the-industry experience, and our collaboration with U.S. and international authorities, that’s a statement we can back up with real insight. We also provide safety training to every educator and chaperone who travels with us.

Pricing that’s practical

Every child deserves the chance to travel beyond their hometown. And as a parent, you should be able to protect that investment. This is why EF offers the lowest prices possible. It’s also why we give families a variety of resources to help manage student travel costs. We’re talking flexible payment plans, fundraising tools, and annual scholarship programs, to name a few.