Student access

Centered around equity of access to travel, our partnership is focused on helping to ensure that students throughout the district are learning about travel opportunities and being given resources and tools to help make travel happen. We’re providing scholarships for socioeconomically disadvantaged HISD students, as well as covering costs for college credit opportunities.

Educator resources

In addition to all the support, training, and other resources EF provides, teachers leading EF tours are able to utilize HISD school resources to freely promote their tours and fundraise on campus—and, ultimately, to reach more students. EF is also covering costs for a graduate-level course called “Leading Global Discussions,” which is available to HISD Group Leaders through Southern New Hampshire University.

A world of travel

Every EF tour expands students’ perspectives and prepares them for success in an ever-evolving world. Our compelling itineraries stretch all across the globe, and they’re packed with experiential learning opportunities that are designed to spark curiosity and unlock potential.

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Lifelong impact

EF tours inspire learning outcomes that impact students for the rest of their lives. We’re talking confidence, empathy, cross-cultural understanding, and so much more. We believe these skills (and the travel that promotes them) are more important now than ever since students haven’t had the same opportunities to connect with others or interact with the world.