The T-shirt

Your new favorite travel-ready tee

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The tote bag

A carryall for every adventure

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The passport holder

Keeps your passport safe and stylish

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The travel essentials bag

For mini toiletries and all your other need-to-haves from the travel aisle

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The playing cards set

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The countdown blocks

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Gifts around the globe✈️🌎

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When will I get my gift?

Depends on the gift you selected. If you choose the T-shirt, tote bag, or passport holder, you’ll get it in about a month. If you choose the travel essentials bag, be aware that it will become available starting in November. Once it’s available, it will also then take about a month to ship.

How many gifts can I choose?

Just one. (But it’s one gift that we have a feeling you’ll love.) You get to pick one gift each travel year you qualify. Reach out to your EF Travel Team to learn how you can qualify for next year.

These gifts are awesome! Other teachers I know would definitely want one. Can I share the link with them?

First off, so glad you think so! But unfortunately, no. This is a unique link that’s just for you and good for one-time use. We’ve sent links directly to other Group Leaders who also qualify for a gift. You can, however, refer another teacher who might be interested in leading trips with EF (and help set them on the path to earning one of these gifts).

Say, how did I qualify for this gift?

As soon as you enrolled the required amount of travelers to earn yourself a free spot on tour, you qualified!

What address will you send my package to?

We ask for your address in the above order form to make sure that we send your gift to your mailbox of choice.

Who will the package be from?

Look out for a package from the EF shipping department.

Can I change my mind after placing an order?

Choose carefully. Once the order is submitted, it can’t be changed or canceled. (But honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of them.)