"EF is amazing, and I trust them completely! EF has been honest and supportive all along. They gave all travelers a refund or a voucher for a new trip. I literally could not have asked them to have handled it better or more generously. While I feel bad for all of the teachers, students, and families affected by these travel bans, I have full faith EF is doing all it possibly can.”

Kristin, Group Leader from MA

"My group was so impressed to be offered these choices, recognizing that, had they made these plans on their own, they would have few choices beyond travel or lose all the money paid out. EF went so far as to allow customers a chance to change their plans up to a week before their departure. I was so impressed with the amount of communication and calls I received reassuring me, and therefore my travelers, that EF was our watchdog—that they had our backs, and they had contingency plans for everyone.”

Kelly, Group Leader from OR

"I can’t think of a single thing that EF could have done better under these circumstances, and my travelers seem to agree with me. Thanks to everyone who helped with this crisis!"

William, Group Leader from TX

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